Detroit's Denby neighborhood getting face lift with annual volunteer project

A weeklong project has kicked off in Detroit to help remove blight in the city. It's a massive effort involving thousands of volunteers with Life Remodeled.

This year, the Denby neighborhood on Detroit's northeast side has been chosen for the project. Three hundred city blocks will be cleaned up.

Dozens of homes will also be renovated, and hundreds will be boarded up.

Volunteers will also help build a new park, install recreation amenities, green spaces and other landscaping. The park will be adjacent to Denby High School and was designed by students.

These projects have a positive impact on the neighborhoods. Chris Lambert with Life Remodeled tells us about last year's project. 

"We actually measure crime through the Detroit Police Department in Cody Rouge. One year after our project and it decreased in 10 out of 11 categories, including a 47 percent reduction in homicides," he says.