Detroit's glowing heart atop the Penobscot Building is out

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The neon globe atop the Penobscot Building - the glowing heart of Detroit since the 1920s - is out.

One suspects the simplest of reasons: Money. Ownership simply says: they're working on it.

When you look into the midnight sky and see darkness where light once shined, you may begin to wonder -- is it really dawn in Detroit?

Since the city went bankrupt, hundreds of millions of public dollars have gone into the purses of private developers.

Meanwhile, the people complain that their bills go up while their schools fall down.

Michigan businesses will pay the state nothing in taxes this year thanks to generous corporate welfare.

Meanwhile, the people struggle to pay their mortgages, their taxes, their water and grocery bills.

The restaurants are full, but the soup lines are long.

There are winners in the new Detroit. And there are losers.

And the beacon that shined over the city even through the Great Depression ... is out.