Detroit's plan to to combat surge in shootings downtown

This past weekend, Detroit Police responded to multiple shootings in very public places -- like Greektown and the Riverwalk -- but they're not wasting time in trying to stop the violence before the heat of the summer really turns up.

Police Chief James White held an update Thursday afternoon to discuss possible ways to prevent and control crime in Detroit to make sure this coming weekend doesn't look like the last one.

"We saw midsummer crowds on a spring weekend in April," White said.

In total, there were six shootings -- five in Greektown and one at the Riverwalk -- that ended with two people dead and an arrest in every case.

But White wants to stop it before someone gets hurt or killed.

"We are actively looking for people illegally carrying weapons, I'm unapologetic about it," White said. "If you have a CPL, no problem."

The 12-point plan was revealed Thursday and you'll see some changes downtown.

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First, there will be about ten mobile weapon detectors that are screening for illegal guns.

In the crowd will be undercover officers -- which DPD calls Casper units -- to monitor bubbling beefs. They'll then relay information to other officers to intervene before it escalates.

And Detroit Police are looking to put an end to the waves of kids downtown. Last weekend, they gave out over a dozen curfew citations -- a $500 ticket for parents. White said they're planning to keep those kids out -- and safe -- too.

"This is not about targeting kids, this is about keeping kids safe and making sure parents know where they are," White said.

Police will keep traffic flowing through the area and are looking for noise violators and anyone driving anything that isn't legal -- like ATVs.

Officers will be on horses and bikes as well to keep a close eye on everyone downtown.

They're also offering cash rewards. If someone calls Detroit Rewards TV with information that leads to an arrest of someone with an illegal weapon or the seizing of an ATV, that person could get a reward of $250.