Disabled woman gifted new dog after her beloved Chihuahuas were killed by coyotes

"Now that's a happy ending," said Deborah Goulet.

You can’t appreciate just how happy of an ending - without the beginning.  Earlier this week we told you about Deborah Goulet who is in a wheelchair, living with Multiple Sclerosis.  

"I never thought that my dogs would be killed with coyotes ever," she said.

Her beloved Chihuahuas - were just attacked and killed by a coyote in her own fenced-in yard in Southgate.

"They're my life," she told FOX 2. "... They were my everything. They slept with me."  

After our story aired Monday – a viewer named Sandy called the FOX 2 Problem Solvers line with this message.

"My mother-in-law just passed and I have a Chihuahua that needs a home," she said. "It looks like her little brown dog, her name is Misty."

"I was going to wait awhile when I heard her story I felt bad and I said, 'Lets go get her,'"  Deborah said.

It was meant to be. The same day - she brought home Misty.  

FOX 2: "Debbie do you like your new dog?"

"Yes I do," she said.

It doesn’t replace her love for Netty Jean and Pixie Dust - but it’s a start.

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"The first night she slept right across my legs and gave me some kisses," she said.

Just a few days in – and she’s made herself right at home.  

"The MS is really, I can't do nothing because of the MS but to see her, gives me a lot of happiness in my life," Deborah said.

And now – Deborah says – Misty never goes out alone, always on a leash just in case, the coyotes come back.  

"I have a lot of love and I can give her a lot of love and I can give her a good home," she said.