Disgraced Detroit public officials run again

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Almost every time I tried to catch up with Brian Banks, he ran.

He ran when I went to talk to him about his eight felony convictions.

He ran when I went to talk to him about his many evictions.

He ran when I went to talk to him about the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by the young man Banks hired to drive him to Lansing and answer phones in his office. (He denied the allegation, and the state settled the case for about $100,000 in legal costs and payouts to the young man and his lawyer.)

He ran when I asked him whether he would run for office again after he resigned from office after admitting guilt to yet another fraud case.

And now he is running for the Second District state Senate seat, representing Detroit, Highland Park, Hamtramck and the Grosse Pointes. 

Banks is not the only disgraced public official running in the Democratic primary for that seat. Former Detroit City Councilman George Cushingberry Jr. - who lost his law license, was sued by a former client, got evicted from two homes, and was, most recently, sued for sexual harassment.

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