Dispute between neighbors escalates to gunfire, barricaded gunman in Detroit

Detroit police quickly resolved a barricaded gunman situation after a dispute between neighbors escalated into gunfire and one shooting victim.

A suspect was taken into custody early Friday morning at a home near Colfax and Spokane Avenues, which is west of I-96 and east of Livernois.

Multiple patrol vehicles had their emergency lights on hours after the scene was over. Some 35 evidence markers could be spotted near the scene where shell casings had fallen. 

Preliminary information from police reports that two neighbors that knew each other got into an argument early Friday morning around 2 a.m. At one point, the suspect pulled out an AK-47 firearm and fired multiple shots. 

The other neighbor was struck while the shooting suspect went back into the house. 

Detroit police placed some 35 evidence markers at the scene of the barricaded gunman.

The gunfire prompted the Special Response team from Detroit police to respond. The scene was resolved quickly.

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"There was some back and forth, then yelling," said a woman who lives nearby. "I didn't look out the window but I heard it. I cracked my window then shut it after the gunshot. I didn't hear anything else."

The victim is in temporary serious condition and was taken to the hospital. 

It didn't appear the suspect was injured after being taken into custody. Police also recovered the gun believed to be used in the shooting.