Disturbing testimony heard from alleged teen victims of former Farmington basketball coach

Troubling testimony was heard against former Farmington High School basketball coach – accused of sexually assaulting multiple students.

Two of those alleged victims, 15 and 16 years old, took the stand in court against 43-year-old Jerremy Thompkins on Monday.

Judge Kenneth King raised Thompkins' bond to $100,000, 10%, after hearing the chilling testimony of the boys who say their former coach sexually assaulted them.

The first testimony was heard by the 15-year-old. He said that it started with a massage in the dark.

Prosecutor: "Is it fair to say that he was working his way up your leg?"

"Yes," the teen said.

Prosecutor: "When he got up your leg what happened next?"

"He started getting close to my (privates) if that makes sense," said the teen.

Prosecutor: "When you say he started getting close to that, did he touch you?"

"Yes," the teen said.

This alleged victim said he would stay the night at 'Coach J’s' home in Detroit, up to five times a week this past summer, where the alleged assault happened the night of homecoming in October.

"I locked the door going into my mom's room, I woke my mom up – she wasn't fully asleep," he said. "'I need you to get up,' I gave her a hug, kind of started crying a little bit, and I told her what happened."

And then it was reported to Detroit police and the subsequent investigation was done at Farmington High School internally, revealing that three other basketball coaches knew about the alleged incidents with the teens but did nothing. They were all fired.

Another boy, 16 years old, also took the stand, saying that Thompkins manipulated his parents into frequent sleepovers at his home under the guise of mentorship. He told of two incidents where Thompkins allegedly grabbed his thigh and groin area during a sleepover.

"The remote was in my lap," the teen said. "And I woke up to Coach J looking for the remote. As he was looking for the remote, his hand was touching my thigh. I felt like, rubbing on my leg, and I was like, confused."

The victim said Thompkins then straddled him. He tried to fight him off. Thompkins eventually stopped and the child went home.

One of the victims said Thompkins bragged about being able to convince parents to trust him.

Thompkins could "basically manipulate my mom into letting me stay the night at his house by saying all the right things," the minor said.

Thompkins is charged with criminal sexual conduct in the second and fourth degree.

Jerremy Thompkins

Jerremy Thompkins