DNR agrees to keep Grand Prix at Belle Isle

State officials have reached an agreement to keep the Grand Prix at Belle Isle next year -- and for several years after that. 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources finalized the terms of the agreement, and the Detroit Grand Prix will be held at Belle Isle for the next three years. There's also an option to extend that agreement for an additional two years after that. 

The final agreement reduces the race's total time spent on Belle Isle.

In previous contracts, 84 days has been allotted for set-up, the race weekend and then take-down. In 2019, that will all happen in 60 days and then it's down to 59 days beginning in 2020. In addition, the new agreement will increase the annual fee paid by the Grand Prix from $200,000 in the Detroit contract to $325,000. 

DNR official Ron Olson says they approved the deal because of the race's benefits to the park, its limited impact to natural resources and its historical significance.