Dog found shot in the face in Detroit recovering after surgery

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She was found lying in the grass bleeding and alone.

"She was bleeding from her snout area but was still wagging her tail," said Theresa Sumpter.

But now a 6-month old pit bull now named Paris in some very caring hands.

 "She was like I'm here - thank you for rescuing me," said Sumpter of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

Sumpter, the founder and director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, said a neighbor in Detroit found the pup on Fielding Street Monday morning.

"We received a call from a resident of Detroit who said they heard two shots and that a dog near their house had been shot," she said.

Pit crew members rushed her to Center Line Vet Hospital, where Paris underwent emergency surgery.

Doctor Gary Duchan carefully removing the bullet.

"In the nasal area, it came out through part of the hard pallet," he said. "Then there was another entrance where it went into her throat area. And then the projectile lodged here in the neck."

A day later Paris was back to her playful self...

"Some of the bones in the larynx are injured but she seems to be quite functional," Duchan said. "So thank God she's doing well."

Sumpter reported the shooting to Animal Care and Control and the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. She is also trying to find the dog's owner. Paris was found without a collar or microchip but is at a healthy weight...

"Somebody at some point took care of her," Sumpter said. "Unfortunately she ended up on the streets by herself."

But they are focusing even more on finding the person who shot Paris. These animal lovers just thankful those neighbors found her in time.

"She's the nicest dog, there is no reason someone should have shot her," Sumpter said.

Expected to recover in the next several weeks, Paris is looking forward to her new home.

"She is just a delightful dog," Sumpter said.

If you have information on Paris, contact the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue at (248) 906-9022. There is a $2,000 reward.

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