Donations reach nearly $300,000 for man who walks 21 miles a day

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James Robertson

One that he says leaves a lot of people just like him, walking a long way to make ends meet.

"Maybe it gets them to open their eyes and say hey, there's a problem and. we need to fix it," he said.

But now he can afford to get a vehicle. You might be wondering what kind of car James plans to buy - a Ford Taurus. And it is for reasons that make a lot of sense to a man like James.

"They do look dull on the outside but really strong on the inside," he said. "And that probably describes me best."

Suffice it to say - Ford Motor Company couldn't pay for publicity like this.

All from a man who says what he means and means what he says - and shows up to work on time - every single day.

"Even when I step in the car," he said. "It reminds me of where I came from and where I've been."