Don't get ripped off when buying a pre-owned vehicle

Less money, more problems?  Pre-owned vehicles are becoming extremely popular because they're more affordable. But on the flip side, they can cause the flux if sold in worse conditions than you think.  Chris Basso from Carfax joins Murray Feldman to talk about pre-owned vehicles in Michigan, and ways to become more informed about the used car you're planning to buy. 

With frequent flooding and natural disasters happening around the country, it's important to know where the vehicle is coming from and if any recalls have been made. An easy way to ensure you're getting your buck's worth when purchasing a used car is by getting a Carfax report on the vehicle. You can do this by going to their website or downloading their free app, My Carfax. It will send alerts for recalls on your car. 

In Michigan, he found that more than 1.5M cars with recalls in MI, and 1 in 3 minivans have unfixed recalls. 

Odometer fraud is ALSO popular, with about 20,000 cars with potential rollbacks in Michigan. 

He also warns to be careful with sites like Craigslist.