Dozens of original 'Rosie the Riveters' from Detroit honored

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Thirty of the original Rosie the Riveters are being honored in Washington, D.C. Tuesday.

The Riveters are credited for being the women who helped make the supplies used to bring victory to allied forces fighting World War II -- and they did it right here in Detroit. These women left their traditional roles as homemakers to build planes, tanks and other necessities for the war effort.

The group took off from Detroit Metro Airport Tuesday morning, despite travel scares after the attack in Brussels. The day in Washington, D.C. includes a luncheon, a visit to the WWII Memorial and other opportunities to share stories and remembrances. It will be a quick trip for the ladies, though. They'll return this evening with a small homecoming. 

They'll also be honored by Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Representative Candace Miller.

"What I especially liked [about that time] is everybody was nice to everybody," says Betty Pazdro. "I worked at Packard Motor Company and I worked as a major inspector, and we inspected the blueprints of the cars for the airplane motors."

The Rosie Honor Flight comes after more than 2,000 women, including 43 Original Rosies, gathered at the former Willow Run Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan to take back the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Rosie the Riveters since WWII.

The Ford Motor Company Fund and the Yankee Air Museum helped make this happen.  The trip is part of a celebration of Women's History Month.