Dozens of victims want face-to-face time with fraudulent cancer doctor

Sentencing is underway for a metro Detroit doctor who lied to his patients and told them they had cancer so he could collect Medicare money. 

Dr. Farid Fata will be sentenced in federal court for fraud. But a judge first is hearing from experts and patients this week. 

One hundred and fifty victim impact statements have been filed to be read. Each person will be given 10 minutes to share their story with Fata. 

"She walked in a healthy 87-year-old woman with one tumor, Stage 1, known to take an occasional aspirin. And, three months later, she was gone," says Sydney Zaremba of her mother. 

"To me, this is almost like he was doing genocide," says Michael Hester. His wife was a patient of Fata's. 

The victim statements will likely begin Tuesday, as the court is hearing from an expert witness Monday morning. 

The witness testified on the amounts of medication given to some patients. In some cases, 6-8 doses were necessary, but it's now been proven that in some of those patients were given upwards of 60-90 doses. 

Fata's actions were first brought to light by a woman who interviewed with him, Angela Swantek. She tells FOX 2's Roop Raj she shadowed a nurse during her interview, and saw multiple chemotherapy drugs be given incorrectly. 

Fata pleaded guilty to committing millions of dollars in fraud against insurance companies and patients.

Prosecutors are seeking a 175-year prison sentence, while Fata is asking for no more than 25 years. Victims are in the courtroom.