DPD make arrests after spike in Facebook threats against police

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A demotion for a Detroit police detective  following a Facebook post where he referred to protestors with the black lives matter group as "terrorists."

Nate Weekely was demoted to officer after posting this on his Facebook page, saying "The only racists here are the piece of (expletive) Black Lives Matter terrorists and their supporters."

Meanwhile the department has been making multiple arrests in recent days for threats against officers.

While an internal investigation is underway, Craig says the department is investigating yet another troubling social media post, by an African-American supervisor within the department.

It's not just posts from law enforcement that are raising eyebrows, civilians are also posting inflammatory things on social media.

Like this post from a Detroit man calling the Dallas shooter who killed five police officers, a hero.

"We have made four arrests," Craig said. "We are in the process of submitting a warrant request for the prosecutor for a felony in making a threat against killing a police officer."

Craig said that social media posts by police department members deserve to be scrutinized.

"Police officers, myself included, are held to a much higher standard," Craig said. "The public expects us when we voice an opinion contrary to the departments goals, it's a problem."

"We have been trying to work on the morale and make some changes but once again some standards have definitely got to be set," said Willie Burton, Board of Police Commissioners.