DPD releases footage of suspect with gun who died in police shooting on Detroit's east side

Detroit police released video Monday connected to a police shooting that happened earlier this month on the city's east side. 

The shooting happened on July 23 in the area of Whittier and McKinney near I-94 and involved suspects in a shooting that involved four teens, one of which died several days later. Chief Craig narrated several dash cam and body cam videos Monday during the press conference

Craig said the department's gang squad was surveilling two suspects in the area when they attempted to pull over a Grand Marquis that at least one of the suspects was inside. 

The traffic stop attempt led to a 10-minute high-speed chase through main and residential streets in Detroit, ending when the driver crashed into a tree at McKinney and Whittier. Three people inside the car jump out and took off running. Craig pointed out in the video that one had a gun in his hand.

"You got a hair of a second. Do you shoot or do you not shoot?" Craig said. 

At one point, the suspect's arm moves in such a way that the gun is pointing directly at the officer who fired. Craig said the officer shot a single round. You can see footage in the video player above. 

Craig said he stands behind the officer's decision saying the officer feared for his life before firing. This is the third officer-invovled shooting this month for the Detroit Police Department. 

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The latest happened Sunday off Wyoming. Officers on a drag racing detail spotted a man with a gun sticking out of the waistband of his pants and approached him. He took off running and was eventually shot multiple times. 

"The officer, believing he would be shot, he fired between 5-6 rounds. Several rounds did strike the suspect," Craig said Monday.  He's in the hospital recovering right now. 

It's been a violent month in Detroit, crime stats creeping up. The chief laid out a perfect storm of cause and effect. 

"A number of factors. We know there's anti-police rhetoric that continues to cross the country and I think that plays a role in emboldening suspects. In addition to that, we have individuals in our communities based on no bail, low bail and COVID release from detention centers," he said. 

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Video has not yet been released from the third police shooting.