Dramatic bodycam footage of Clinton Township man's arrest who fired 14 shots at his kid's mom released

Dramatic bodycam footage from an arrest earlier in November reveals an intense standoff between police and an armed gunman.

Footage acquired through the Freedom of Information Act show police arrest Devonita Blakes, a 26-year-old Clinton Township man after he fired 14 shots at his child's mother, while she and their 2-year-old son were in a car.

After firing at the victim, Blakes fled to his apartment in Clinton Township, where police met him.

Footage shows one man at a door, with the wearer at the end of the hallway. Clinton Township Police did their best to make sure everyone was safe, but then shots can be heard and a woman screaming.

Finally the sound of glass shattering. Blakes comes out of his apartment, but his gun gets jammed in the process. 

"Stay back. Are you armed?" Police can be heard asking. 

Blakes responding "No, no, no."

When police breached the apartment, they came across a window that Blakes had shot into. Luckily, nobody was injured. However, upon later discovery, the window to a squad car was hit, with a bullet hole right where the driver would sit. 

Blakes was arraigned Tuesday on two counts of assault with intent to murder, child abuse, weapons violations and destroying a police car - all of them felonies.

Police allege during the intense period that Blakes arrived unannounced at the apartment complex where his child and his mother live. Attempting to prevent the child's mother from leaving with his son, as she drive drove away the defendant pulled up alongside and exited his own vehicle. He proceeded to fire at her vehicle, striking the mother several times. 

The victim drove to the Macomb County Sheriff's Department. At that time, the defendant fled to his own apartment in Clinton Township, where police arrested him.

Blakes will be back in jail Dec. 9.