Dramatic rescue: Sterling Heights Police save 7-year-old in cardiac arrest

Sterling Heights Police and Fire saved a little girl's life on Wednesday as she went into cardiac arrest during an asthma attack.

Police released bodycam video showing the heroic efforts of police officers Colton Conley and Ryan Hartsmith as they arrived at a home on Amberwood around 4 p.m.

In the video, the officers arrive and found a woman performing CPR on the girl before Conley and Hartsmith took over. The scene outside the home was chaotic as several people, including a woman, can be heard screaming as CPR is done.

"You have a mom who is hysterical she doesn't know what to do she just needs help now," Lt. Mario Bastianelli said.

Officers then got a CPR device to breathe air into her lungs as they continued chest compressions. About 3 minutes into the video, the little girl opens her eyes and her arms start to move. 

"Our officers are parents as well so that weighs on their shoulders. The fire department, it's the same for them as well," Bastienelli said.

Police got a faint pulse just as EMTs from the Sterling Heights Fire Department arrived to take her to the hospital.

"Can you see us?" one officer asks while checking and getting a pulse.

Her mom hopped in with Fire Batallion Chief Jeff Duncan, who tried to help her stay calm and remind her that her little girl was well taken care of.

"I just tried to talk to mom and calm her down tell her daughter was in good hands," Duncan said.

During the short ride to the hospital, paramedics were able to give the little girl life-saving medicine.

"Seeing that little girl sitting up on the cot as they pulled her out of the back of an ambulance when we arrived at Corewell Health was pretty amazing and I looked at mom and said look at her sitting up," Duncan said.

The girl's mom said her 7-year-old suffered an asthma attack before going into cardiac arrest.

The city is congratulating the officers for their hard work and dedication to save the girl's life.