Driver doing donut on 12 Mile hits women, children who were out for walk

Roseville Police say two women and their children escaped serious injuries when they were all of a sudden hit by a reckless driver doing a donut in the middle of 12 Mile Road.

Police say 22-year-old lost control of his car and drove up over the sidewalk, hitting the four people. The two women were out on a walk Tuesday around 7:30 p.m. with their children, one of whom is 11 months old and the other is 3 years old.

Police say the children were thrown from their strollers and the mothers were knocked down. Luckily, the children landed on a grassy area nearby and were not seriously injured. They were all transported to the hospital and treated for minor cuts and bruises.

The driver of the car was not hurt.

Several witnesses told police that the 22-year-old was speeding around the neighborhood, and would stop and intentionally squeal his tires to draw attention to himself.

Police also say while the driver was waiting at the stop sign at Pinehurst Street to turn onto 12 Mile, he was "gunning his engine, squawking his tires acting highly responsible."

That area is just west of Utica Road.

When the road cleared, the driver sped off from the stop sign and did a "donut" in the middle of 12 Mile Road before losing control of the car and jumping the curb.

The suspect was arrested and charged with reckless driving. He has been released on a $500 cash bond.

His name was not given.