Elderly Detroit woman looking for permanent home after house deemed unsafe

Rosie Randall is 79 years old and suddenly homeless, FOX 2 first introduced you to her a couple of weeks ago.

"I'm hoping that I find a place real soon," she said.

Rosie had been living in her home of 45 years on Detroit's west side with no heat. Detroit police officers discovered her huddling under blankets during a wellness check and they were worried.

"I just put blankets on top of me," she said.

FOX 2: "But you can't live there like that."

"No, no no," she said.

"We have a heart for people and we cannot do this job and have it not affect you," said Officer Darrell Dawson.

Dawson was hoping someone could help her with a new boiler, but turns out the problems at her house - are much more complicated than expected.

After FOX 2's story aired, people offered to help - a contractor came out and took a look at the heating issue. But turns out there were other problems - including the fact that the entire second floor had been taken over by birds.

"I've been to four different senior places but they say a three-month wait," Rosie said. "I can't wait that long."

For now, she's living with friends.

"I stay with one friend then I go to another friend," she said. "Not too long."

Officers Dawson and Colette Burks-Weathers have been trying to find a spot at a senior apartment for Rosie. Now her district manager is meeting with the city's housing revitalization department to try to help.

"We're just here trying to make sure seniors or anybody has to live in those places they should not have to live in," said Ray Solomon II, District 7 manager.
"So later today we're meeting with that team with Ms. Rosie and trying to get some permanent housing for her," 

"I need a place," Rosie said.

In the meantime, Rosie just wants to say thank you to the Detroit police officers who have gone above and beyond to help her find a new home.

"I just want to tell you how nice those two officers have been to me - they really have," she said.

If you can help Rosie with permanent housing - or need help yourself, call Homeless Services at 313-305-0311.