Elderly man's violent assault at Detroit liquor store remains a mystery

A man in his 60s is in critical condition after a violent assault on Detroit's east side and police still aren't sure if it was random or targeted.

The suspect, caught on camera, attacked the victim in broad daylight Sunday morning. It's left both business owners and local residents unsure what to think.

"It was like wow how did it happen? Why did it happen? Anything can happen in this neighborhood - it's a busy area so maybe it was something that happened previous, but I don't know," said Keith Farrell-Bey, who lives nearby.

It's what investigators are working to figure out a day later. 

According to police, a man wearing a mask concealing his entire face was approached the victim and around 10 a.m. at the Prince Liquor Store in the 9900 block of Gratiot and stabbed him multiple times. 

"I seen the camera footage, the guy had his back turned and somebody I guess stabbed him and then he fell," said Fuad Mansour, who works at the nearby liquor store. "And when he fell, (the suspect) ran through his pockets and took everything."

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Much of what police have to go on was the visual on camera. He was caught on a DPD Project Greenlight camera. 

In place of the suspect's face is a camouflaged mask. He's also seen wearing a white t-shirt, blue shorts, black tennis shoes, and was wielding a black knife.