Electric vehicle charging stations installed on Belle Isle

Belle Isle is joining the electric vehicle revolution by adding two fast-charging stations that can charge an electric car in just ten minutes.

As more and more automakers make the shift to EV's, the question of affordability and accessibility has been front of mind for drivers. Enter the Michigan Department of Natural Resources which is working to provide more charging stations for travelers at state parks.

They've installed DC fast charging stations that can recharge in just a few minutes. They're made by a Detroit-based company and are just starting to get rolled out to the entire state of Michigan. So, whether you're heading to a beach, the nature center, or a state park, the DNR has your electricity needs covered.

"That’s really what we’re trying to do: give people the confidence that if I get an electric car now, I can find places to charge going to beautiful places," said Chuck Allen from the DNR.T

Together, the DNR and Diatomic Energy created the solar and wind-powered charging stations on Belle Isle. It coincides with automakers moving to build more EVs and highlights a need for more charging stations.

President Joe Biden has said he wants to make chargers as prevalent as gas stations and the DC fast chargers are a step in that direction.

"The bonus is we’re cutting back on CO2 emissions from internal combustion in vehicles. The other good part about this is all the energy provided by this charging station is renewable," Allen said.

The timing makes sense as there are over 17,000 electric cars in Michigan today with only 2,300 charging ports.

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But are EVs still practical for families? At least one family told us not quite – but the installation of chargers like these at Belle Isle help.

"We’re definitely going to buy an EV car because we have one car. My husband and I share one car. So we’re planning to buy a new car and it’s definitely going to be an EV," Pragya Prashar said.

The DNR'Sgoal is to have more charging stations at 20 more state parks by the end of this year, including the UP which is considered to be an EV charging desert.