Emotional support dog stolen from Detroit woman battling lupus

For Yaminah Brooks Vasser, "Shade Boots" is far more than just a dog.

"Why would you take her it doesn't make sense to me, that's so mean it's mean and it's cruel," she said. "That's my baby that somebody stole from me."

The Detroit woman and her family are devastated after they said someone stole Shade Boots out of their fenced-in backyard Thursday morning.

Vasser says she let the dog out for some fresh air while she took a quick walk when she got a frantic call from her sister who told her Shade Boots was gone.

"When I asked my neighbors around the neighborhood, my neighbor across the street told me she was barking hysterically, and then all of a sudden, her bark stopped which let me know that somebody probably took her," she said.

Besides unconditional love, the pup with purple fur also provides emotional support for Vasser as she battles lupus.

"When I'm sick, she lays in my bed, she lays beside me when I'm in pain," she said. "My dogs feel when I'm in pain. She's there for me."

Now sadness and stress fill the family's home near the Southfield freeway and W. Warren Avenue on the city's west side. Even their other two dogs know something is not right.

"Stress causes flares with lupus," Vasser said. "I'm stressing, and my legs are locking up, it's hard for me right now."

Meanwhile, Vasser continues to put up flyers and post on social media, hoping someone brings her beloved Shade Boots home.

"Just return my dog please," she said. "I don't know you, why are you a take my dog i have children who love her."

If you find Shade Boots there is a reward with no questions asked. Contact the FOX 2 News Desk, by emailing fox2newsdesk@fox.com