EMS worker proposes to nurse during COVID-19 vaccine appointment

A COVID-19 vaccine bought a couple closer together after the recipient proposed to the nurse administering the shot.

Robby Vargas-Cortes, an emergency medical services supervisor, went to receive his COVID-19 shot at Sanford Health in South Dakota on New Year’s Eve.

He had an engagement ring taped to his arm, but his boyfriend, Nurse Eric Vander Lee, didn’t know that.

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As Vander Lee prepped the dosage, Vargas-Cortes pulled out the engagement ring and proposed. 

Sanford Health posted the video to its Facebook page writing, "Robby got his vaccine – and an enthusiastic yes from his now fiancée. Congratulations, Eric and Robby!"

Vander Lee shared the post writing, "This is soooo crazy and we want to reply to everyone but we can’t yet!! We have no idea what is going on… Thank you for all the love!! We will never forget this!!"

This story was reported from Los Angeles.