Ethan Crumbley requests life without parole be dismissed from sentencing

Ahead of his sentencing, the convicted Oxford High School shooter has requested the life without parole condition be dropped before he is sent to prison.

Ethan Crumbley, who pled guilty to the 2021 mass shooting that killed four teens and injured several other students and a teacher, has asked for the amendment to his sentencing, according to court records.

While a gag order prevents any information from being released in the teenager's case, online records of filings in Crumbley's case asked for the change to his sentencing guidelines on July 3. The court explorer for Oakland County shows the defendant also requested to wear street clothes instead of jail clothes when he appears in court in late July.

Answers to those motions were filed on July 7, though it's unclear what they say. A virtual motion hearing is scheduled for Wednesday this week to address the motions. 

Crumbley's plea hearing was last October. However, he can't be sentenced until a judge considers his case since he is a teenager and is facing life in prison. The hearing, known as a Miller Hearing, is scheduled for July 27.

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Life sentences can still be imposed on children, despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2012 which prevents those kinds of punishments. However, a special hearing is first required. It enables juveniles with extreme sentences to argue why they should be allowed release back into society.

Crumbley's sentencing hearing has been delayed several months.