Ex-councilman gets 5 to 15 years for double fatal I-275 crash

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A former Wolverine Lake councilman is headed to prison after killing two people in head-on crash in Canton Township in December. 

Michael Stack was driving the Wong way on I-275. On Thursday he appeared in court to hear his sentence and to hear from the family members left behind. 

A heart-broken mother addressed the man who killed her daughter and her daughter's fiancée.

"You took away us seeing her get her degree in January," said Sheryl McIntyre, the victim's mother. "You took away seeing my daughter walk down the aisle in June. now all I have is a wedding dress."

Stack pleaded no contest to two counts of reckless driving causing death. Police say he was driving south on I-275 last December when he lost control of his SUV crossing into northbound traffic.  

Michael Stack originally pleaded not guilty before changing his plea to no contest.  He was sentenced to five to 15 years behind bars.

He hit a car head-on, killing Shannon McIntyre and Nicholas Perry. A bottle of alcohol was found in his car but he was not under the influence at the time of the crash. 

Ex-councilman gets 5 to 15 years for double fatal I-275 crash

Family members says they don't understand. 

"You told the Canton police, the Michigan State Police and in your own handwriting you had three or four shots of Smirnoff vodka at 10 a.m.," said Shannon's father. "Then went out driving and had a few more dips while driving."

Shannon and Nicholas had everything to look forward to - Shannon's graduation from college, their wedding and now their families will have to cope with their tremendous loss.

"Myself, I miss him every day him," Nicholas' father, Gregory Pare said. "He was my boy. we always talked on the phone about everything. about everything."

No alcohol found in system of I-275 wrong-way driver who caused fatal crash

Shannon and Nicholas leave behind three children who made up a happy, loving, blended family.

In court today, Danielle McIntyre read a letter written by Shannon's 8-year-old daughter, Emily.

"I miss my parents a lot," she said. "I miss my mommy and our movies. We always had Friday girls' nights, and daddy playing with me. I miss my hugs and sleeping in the house with them. I miss them a lot."

Dashcam video shows wrong way driver moments before deadly I-275 crash

Then it was Stack's turn to talk, reading a prepared statement of apology.

"I'm going to jail and I'm taking responsibility for this," he said. "I pray to god that that family can find some healing in themselves over what happened.

"I'm not asking for forgiveness or anything. That's something I have to deal with myself."