Ex-Detroit police officer gets 3 months probation in Meijer beating incident

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Former Detroit police officer Lonnie Wade faced a judge Monday, to learn his fate. 

Wade was the security guard seen in a surveillance video beating a man with his baton at a Meijer store in Detroit last year. He suspected him of shoplifting, but David Bivins had done nothing wrong.

"I would like to believe police officers - in a way, police themselves - but if that's true why are we here today," said Bivins.

Bivins has filed a $25 million lawsuit against the city and the department after charges against him were dropped and assault charges were instead filed against his attacker - Lonnie Wade.

Wade was the off-duty Detroit police officer working security at Meijer that night.

"I actually wanted to be a police officer," Bivins said. "But I can't say that's my dream anymore."

Wade took a plea deal last month and instead of spending 10 years behind bars, he was sentenced to three years’ probation - including house arrest and community service.

"The one thing I would note to you, Mr. Wade, is what you did on that date and time erodes trust in the police," said Judge Mariam Bazzi.  "And ultimately it hurts the community and the system because it makes it more difficult to combat crime."

The judge told Wade his actions make it more difficult for his fellow officers - but she acknowledged he had a clean record before the incident.

"With that said, you are 65 years old and but for this one contact you've lived a law abiding life and that's something to be recognized as well," Judge Bazzi said.

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It is not the first time the department has suffered a black eye, something DPD Chief James Craig says it unacceptable.

"One of these instances is one too many," said Craig. "And we know that it certainly places a stain on the badge but as you pointed out, we have zero tolerance for officers engaging in criminal misconduct."