Fallen tree prevents some Shelby Twp. residents from leaving their homes

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“If there is an emergency, how is an EMS vehicle supposed to get through to us? It's impossible right now.”

Pam Rossi and other residents feel trapped in a Macomb County subdivision after a tree was knocked down by Wednesday's powerful winds

“We are on a court and not just any court. Surrounding our court is water, so we can't even walk through a neighbor’s yard to get anywhere. We are literally trapped.”

For Rossi and her husband, that meant they could not get to work on Thursday.

“It's lost income. I’m using sick days and my husband – we own a barbershop. There are no sick days when you own a barbershop.”

Neighbors say they were going to cut up and remove the tree themselves but they got conflicting messages from DTE crews about downed lines around the tree.

“One said they're not live, the other one says they’re live. One says it’s not on our lines it’s on Comcast’s lines, but it’s clearly on both lines.”

Fox 2 contacted DTE and was told:

“Our crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to clear downed wires and restore customers. If you see a downed power line, assume it is energized and report it immediately.”

As far as removing the tree, the Macomb County Department of Roads tells Fox 2:

“Once DTE clears the tree from the overhead power lines, our road crews will clear the tree itself and debris immediately following.”

Rossi says she realizes DTE crews are busy, but she hopes they can get to her subdivision sooner than later.

“We have elderly neighbors. We have a neighbor that has a heart condition; we have neighbors living by themselves. My son is sick with the flu right now and if anything were to happen, there’s no way for them to get to us.”