Family dog scares away intruder in Redford Twp.

Police in Redford are investigating a home invasion in which they say the suspect climbed into the home through an open window. 

Kim, who did not wish to give her last name, was asleep in her bed, her 1-year-old child at her side around 5 a.m. Wednesday when a man was suddenly in her bedroom.

"The window's right by my bed, and I see this guy just sneaking in my window. He was long, and he had dark clothing and a ski mask on," Kim remembers. 

A man, about 6 feet tall, was right in front of her. Fortunately, she acted fast..

"I got to my feet, and I stood in front of him. He told me to get down and when I didn't, that's when he pistol whipped me with his gun," she says. 

Hurt but not backing down, she started calling for her pit bull, a rescue dog named Monkey.

"I'm calling my dog ... I'm like, 'Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!' and then we hear him coming down the hallway; so could [the intruder]. And as soon as he heard that, he ran right back out the window he came in," Kim says. "If it wasn't for my dog, I don't know what I would have done."

Now, she's warning her neighbors in the area of 5 Mile Road between Beech-Daly and Telegraph roads to close their windows and be careful. 

"I definitely want people to know that this is going on, because I'm sure he's in the area somewhere. He was on foot. So I'm sure he lives around here," she says. 

Redford Police suggest not opening windows to their full capacity. They're asking anyone with information to call (313) 387-2551.