Family Dollar employees fed up with string of store robberies

Robberies at dollar stores are becoming more and more common in Detroit, and one employee who was held at gunpoint says she's had enough.

"You come to work to work, you don’t come to work to be scared,” said Alexus Slaughter, a Family Dollar employee.

Family Dollar store employees working at the Telegraph and 7 Mile location are frustrated. The store was robbed Saturday for the second time in just a matter of months.

This time the thieves just reached over and helped themselves to the cash when the drawer was open.

But last time, they were robbed at gun point.

"I feel something knocking on my head and when I look up, it’s a guy with a gun,” Slaughter said.

Customers are not surprised to find out the store is closed, after yet another robbery. Employees say they feel stuck.

“It’s like, do you get killed for the company?” Slaughter said.

FOX 2 reached out to Family Dollar's corporate offices but no one was available for comment.