Family, friends honor life of J'Quan Jones killed on his 21st birthday in random shooting

"Life's too short for stuff like this," said Gregory Allen.

J'Quan Jones, a star athlete and 2018 graduate of Madison High School, was shot and killed on his 21st birthday.

On July 6th he was driving his mother's car in the area of Eight Mile and Rex on Detroit's east side when police say someone shot into the car, killing J'Quan and wounding his friend.

On Wednesday night, friends and family gathered at Balduck Park in Detroit to say goodbye to J'Quan. Two years ago they were at the park mourning the loss of Tae'o Garrett shot and killed over his Cartier sunglasses.

J'Quan and Tae'o were first cousins, born just one month apart and they were raised as brothers.

"I don't think I will ever heal," said motherTia Garrett. "I'm constantly hurting, constantly dealing with pain, never-ending to me."

J'Quan was also hurting, he was with Tae'o the night he was killed.

"He was never the same after witnessing Tae'o dying right before his eyes," said Tia.

On this night, among the brightly colored balloons, friends and family told stories about J'Quan.

"My sophomore year I had no courage in myself," said Allen. "He talked to me, telling me I had all the tools, I just had to put it together."

A good-bye was held for murder victim J''Quan Jones in Balduck Park.

A good-bye was held for murder victim J''Quan Jones in Balduck Park.

"He had the most infectious smile, anytime you were upset, he would just look at you and smile or we had a thing where you stick out your tongue and my day would be completely better," said Vanessa Kadri.

"Everybody here he played a part in everybody's life," Allen said. "There's a reason they're here. They are not showing up just to show up. He put a piece in them. He a put a piece in me."

If you have any information about that shooting, police believe the suspect was in a white Dodge Durango. Call DPD or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.