Family memorializes fallen Detroit police officer with billboard

The family of a fallen police officer is working to turn a somber anniversary into a way to spread a message of peace.

Charles Phipps III was murdered in an attempted carjacking fifteen years ago. Now, Phipps's family is memorializing him with a billboard right where it happened.

"We love Charles, we miss Charles. Everyone here and others helped raise money to buy this billboard," Phipps's sister Ursula McWhorter said.

On April 28, 2006, Phipps was on his way to see his two-day-old son when he was carjacked at Joy Road and Southfield. He was shot and killed.

"He did a lot for the city and we don't want people to forget that even 15 years later," said Phipps's father, Charles Phipps II, "He was my oldest son and he was my best friend."

Now, Phipps's larger than life persona is on display for all to see. The family hopes the billboard will serve as a reminder to all who see it to end gun violence and they hopes it inspires people to change their minds and do the right thing.