Family mourns after 19-year-old killed in shooting on Detroit's east side

A family is grieving after their loved one was fatally shot in Detroit.

"We never wanted to do the same thing on our birthday; we don't want to wear the same clothes, got different interests; he a boy, I'm a girl."

Twin and the youngest of nine children's brother —  Amire Allen-Vncent — was shot and killed Wednesday.

The last time they spoke was the weekend before his murder

"He just told me he was going to his baby mama's house to watch the baby. He'll be back," said Asia Allen-Vincent, the victim's twin sister.

On Saturday night, family and friends held a vigil on Joseph Campau on Detroit's eastside — where 19-year-old Amire was killed.

"It doesn't feel real; his room is still set up, like a dream, like yeah, ain't real," said Janiah Holmes, the victim's sister.

A tragedy impossible to make sense of, whoever killed Amire is still out on the streets — family members hope sharing his story will help generate information about the case.

Meanwhile — Amire's baby girl, Aubrei­— is left without a father.

"It kinda feels like we still got a piece of him here. She got his whole face 'cause you know it's just hard - she's not going to grow up with him, constantly reminded that she had a dad and would've had one if he wasn't taken away for no reason," said Asia.

Amire's family has set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for funeral costs - If you want to help, Click HERE.