Family of Detroit mother set on fire and found in duffel bag 9 years ago still waits for justice

It's been nearly nine years since the murder of Brittany Brown, in Detroit.

Brown, just 26 years old, was burned, put in a duffel bag, and left behind a gas station at Wyoming and Puritan.

"She had only been out of the hospital two weeks," said Jacqueline Allen, her mother.

And then Brittany’s loved ones stopped hearing from her. On March 22, 2014 Brittany was found dead in an alley near Wyoming and Puritan. She was just 26 years old and had two young children.

"Brittany Brown, she had been missing, she had been kidnapped," said Minister Malik Shabazz, The Marcus Garvey Movement, Black Panther Nation. "They say she had been beaten, she had been raped, and she had been set on fire, hogtied butt naked in a human duffle bag right over here."

And nearly a decade later, the family is still asking why. How could something like this happen and why has no one been arrested for the crime.

"It has been too long and I don’t understand," said Allen. "My daughter was bipolar, she was sick."

But the family refuses to let this remain a cold case. On Wednesday activists handed out flyers to bring more awareness to Brittany’s homicide case

FOX 2 reached out to Detroit police about the homicide case and they say this remains an active and open investigation.

The lead detective for the case also told FOX 2 that a person of interest is in custody for unrelated crimes.

"No murderer should be allowed to get away scot-free," Shabazz said.

Brittany‘s mother has a message for the person responsible for killing her.

"I think you are just a evil, ugly, crazy person," Allen said.

And with that theses activists pray that justice will soon be served.

"We want justice for all of these cases, for all of these mothers," Shabazz said during a prayer.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up. You never have to leave your name and may be awarded $2,500 if your tip leads to the killer's arrest and prosecution.