Family of Detroit police officer shot in head asks for help

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The family of a critically wounded Detroit police officer is asking for your assistance.

Officer Johnson was shot in the head responding to a 911 call for help at Oakman Apartments located on Joy Road on April 30. 

Johnson is a married father of three and a 14-year member of the Detroit Police Department. His family has started a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills. CLICK HERE to donate.

The call was for a domestic violence situation but the woman's suspect had already left the building, unbeknownst to the officers. Police knocked on the door numerous times when an armed neighbor, James Ray, 46, allegedly approached them with his loaded gun pointed at them.

"As he left his apartment building with a gun, he has actually chambered a round in his weapon," DPD Chief James Craig said. "As he approached the front door that was locked he opened the front door with the gun extended. His arm was extended and the officers responded.

"The officer that was shot fired several rounds from his department issued weapon and simultaneously both the officer and the suspect fell to the ground."

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The chief says Officer Johnson's partner - just six months out of the police academy - fired multiple rounds at Ray - who died at the scene.

Questions were raised after the shooting why Johnson was taken to a father hospital by city contractor Rapid Response - Beaumont Oakwood in Dearborn, a level 2 Trauma Center - rather than two closer choices one of which a Level 1 center.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones said the decision made by the driver was due to the route which used nearly all freeways to avoid traffic.