Family of man fatally shot by St. Clair Shores sues police for $10 million

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The family of a man killed by St. Clair Shores police is suing the department for $10 million.

On November 4, Theo Gray was shot and killed outside the Lakeland Manor Banquet Hall. Police say Gray shot at them first before they returned fire killing him.  

A police canine named 'Axe' was also killed in the incident. The Macomb County Sheriff's Office cleared police of any wrongdoing.
But Gray's family says the evidence they've found proves Axe was killed by his own officers and that the sheriff's office report had glaring omissions.

Gray was at Lakeland Manor for a baby shower and his family claims he was only armed because of a death threat.

His family claims the 29-year-old grabbed his gun and went outside to protect his family. That's when the owners of the banquet hall called police. Howard's sister says he tried to walk into the baby shower normally, but police said he had a gun and he took off running.

Police claim Gray ignored officer demands to drop his gun. That's when police sent Axe after Gray. The sister says the police dog bit Gray in the back side and police cops pursued Gray, who continued to run from police. 

A relative previously told FOX 2 for a Nov. 5 story, that when the dog tried to bite Gray again, he shot the dog - although the family now claims he died by police gunfire.

"The cops laid down and was shooting, aiming at him and they shot him more than 10 times," Howard's sister said.

Gray has a criminal history, serving two years' probation for drugs.