Family of shooting victim left paralyzed, blind needs help

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Treaunte Oldham with his father. 

A young Detroit man is released from a rehabilitation facility a year after being shot five times.
Treaunte Oldham's recovery continues and his family says he'll need lots of help.

"When he first got shot, the doctor said he wasn't going to make it," said Zenobia Oldham. "They had to take half of his brain out. 

It's hard to stop the tears looking over at her 18-year-old son. Treaunte is back home for the first time in eight months.

"My son would say 'Mom I'm blind,'" Zenobia said. "But I tell him you are still alive."

Treaunte Oldham, with his cousin on the city's northwest side near Pembroke and Kentucky last November. They woke up to two gun shots.

 "I said you don't have to shoot me, I asked him please don't kill me, don't kill me," Teaunte said. "And he popped me three more times."

"When they took half of his brain out, it took some of his memory," Zenobia said. " He doesn't remember who it was."

His cousin  was killed. Treaunte, still with a bullet lodged in his neck, lost his left eye and had his jaw replaced.
"He's also somewhat paralyzed on his left side," his mom said. "He can't see. He can't hear out of one ear. And for him, he's 18 - that's just sad."

His parents are struggling to pay medical bills and to get him in and out of his bed nsuitable for Treys needs. They also need a wheel-chair accessible van and a ramp.
"It's just a lot," said Kevin Oldham, Treaunte's father. "It's becoming overwhelming."

"I just thank my mom and dad for not giving up on me," Treaunte said. "And showing me real love."

The Oldhams say they could never give up on their child who they call their "survivor."
FOX 2: "Are you in pain right now?"

"Emotional pain," Treaunte said. "My cousin is never coming back."

He and his family also won't give up to find the men responsible.
"He's still a better man than those cowards," Kevin said. "If he never gets back to the Treaunte we brought into this world, I'm okay with that."

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