Family of swans intentionally run over in Scio Township

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A cruel crime on a country road as a family of swans is run over.

Investigators believe it was an intentional, taking place in Scio Township near Ann Arbor. The area is where Scio Church Road meets Parker Road is known as "Swan Corners."

"This is a treasured wildlife sanctuary," said Susan Filipiak. "It is marshes and wetlands on all four corners of the intersection and it attracts all kinds of birds."

"It's a common thing at Parker Road to see them it's kind of like a landmark," said David Greene.

But after what happened Wednesday morning, it will likely take on a new name.

"It makes you sick, it made me actually sick," said Karen Weid.

"I can't understand how someone could be so cruel," said Jennifer Heimerdinger.

"Crazy people. this breaks my heart that someone did this intentionally."

This is now what you see at the corner - feathers from a family of four slain swans, run down.

Jennifer Heimerdinger was one of the first to happen upon this graphic scene and called police - then the Humane Society.

"(I said no) it seems obvious to me that they had been hit," she said. "So they said they would send someone out and I thought they were all gone but now I am grateful to see one survived."

This family of trumpeter swans, so beloved in Scio Township, they have a Facebook group with 500 members, all saddened to hear how an adult and three cygnets or baby swans, were run over Wednesday morning.

"We were here last night, we stopped, we took the pictures," said Greene. "The swans and 4 or 5 young were pretty well developed, so it was a good clutch for them and now they are gone."

These birds were known to rest by the road - a four-way stop where they were close to danger but far enough away to remain safe for the most part.

"We have been trying to voice our concerns to get signs up that say people slow down please," Filipiak said.

But speed or lack of attention wasn't the problem in this case. According to investigators this was intentional.

Here is why the sheriff's office is convinced that this was no accident - tracks lead off the road and  through the feathers leading to the path of destruction.

The sheriff's office provided a graphic picture of the aftermath and says it was likely a lifted truck or Jeep with all-terrain tires according to the tracks.

If caught, the person responsible could face animal cruelty charges. The Humane Society of Huron Valley is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.