Family of teen who received heart transplant needs help

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Trevor Sullivan, 15, received a new heart last week.

A 15-year-old boy in the fight of his life desperate to receive a new heart.

After months of waiting, the call finally came. A donor heart had been found. FOX 2 spoke to his emotional family members who could use a little help.

When 14-year-old Trevor Sullivan told his parents he wasn't feeling good in February, a simple checkup turned into a diagnosis they never expected. Trevor's heart was failing. 

"It's been a very big emotional roller coaster," said Phillip Sullivan, Trevor's father.

The news turned the family's life upside down. Trevor, now 15, had to spend most of his time in the hospital under close watch and in desperate need of a transplant.

The Southfield family struggled to make adjustments, waiting almost a year for phone call to save his life.

"You try to stay positive as much as you can," Phillip said. "Especially in front of him and in front of the other kids. Knowing in the back of your mind that something could happen.”

Last Friday, the Sullivan's got the call, a heart was ready. They had to move quickly.

"Your adrenaline is going, you don't know whether to come or go, you don't know what to do," said Phillip. "The doctors came by at 12-ish, at midnight and said everything went fine, went smooth, and we'll wheel him back to recovery."

Trevor has a long road to recovery ahead of him at Mott Children's Hospital. He will have to be on medication the rest of his life and in 15 to 20 years, he will need another new heart.

"You try to stay positive as much as you can especially in front of him in front of the other kids knowing that something could happen," Phillip said.

The family is struggling to pay off medical bills for Trevor. The transplant cost more than $250,000.

"I can't thank everyone enough for all the support we've gotten from the community," Phillip said.

The Sullivans have been overwhelmed by support by the community friends and family but still have a long way to go.

To help, a GoFundMe page is set up: CLICK HERE for details.