Family of victims who died in high speed Telegraph crash want answers

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Family and friends of the three women killed in a horrific crash on Telegraph are desperate for answers. 

Tuesday night, they braved the cold and rain to hold a vigil at the spot where the accident happened in Redford Township. Tracks remain where police say the driver lost control of the car and then hit a utility pole, killing everyone inside the car.

"Everyone who knew my sister and my momma knew they were full of soul, full of life," said Timothy McGough. The tragedy is taking a heavy toll on him.

His mother, Mia Dorris, sister Jatia McGough and her girlfriend Raeniquah Watson were killed just minutes after watching him perform last week.

"You just never know, it could be like that. They had just left my show 15 minutes [ago]," he said. "When I was leaving my show they were in a car crash."

Now they are left with memories.

"My mom had an incredible laugh," said Carlos Dillard. "Everyone in our family has an incredible laugh. Her laughter is what is getting me through it. I am trying to remember the good times, the last couple years that I have reconnecting with my mom."

"This is a family of resilience, we have been through a lot of trials in this family," said Lachrisa Sullivan, whose cousins died in the crash. This one may very well be the hardest. 

Days after the accident, there's still no making sense of what happened.

"We've researched; there's been some recalls on that particular car with the accelerometer and the acceleration," says Dillard. "So, we need Kia to help come up check out the car."

The family also has heard more people may have witnessed the accident, so they're hoping those witnesses will come forward to police. 

Redford Police is still investigating the crash. If you have any information about what happened, call them at (313) 387-2500.