Family seeks answers after loved one killed at Detroit Lounge

For over 2 years, the murder of Daniel Williams has gone unsolved. During that time, his family has struggled to make sense of it all - but always remained faithful that justice will eventually come. 

It was a night out with friends at the El Capri Lounge at Mt. Elliot and Grand Blvd in Detroit that turned deadly. It was reported that Daniel, a father of three, stepped outside to take a phone call. 

“Two individuals approached him and executed him basically,” said Daniel’s brother Hassan Williams. 

It happened during the early morning hours of Aug. 22. 2018. Police have some evidence of what happened. 

“These individuals are seen on camera, getting back into two vehicles after the execution,” Hassan said. 

But they need the glue that holds the pieces together, information that Hassan is sure someone has. 

“Your call goes to Canada,” Hassan said. “No one in Michigan or in the United States even knows you made the call. You don’t have to give your name, just call.”

Hassan knows because he works for Crime Stoppers. He has passed out thousands of flyers for families seeking justice. Hassan also knows what it would mean to find the answers he seeks. 

“There is never any closure,” Hassan said. “This would give my family some kind of peace - knowing the people had enough consciousness to come forward.”

Police are in the process of testing some new evidence in the case, hoping it will provide them with DNA and bring the family one step closer to justice. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800 Speak Up.