Family wants man who fatally shot their son in Clinton Twp. shootout to be arrested

A father of four was killed in a shootout in Clinton Township last Friday. His family is now calling for justice because the man who shot him is not behind bars.

Shots were exchanged between two men, both fathers. One of them was killed and now investigators are trying to figure out if his death was in self-defense or murder. Police know who the shooter is, but right now they say there is not enough evidence to charge him.

That man claims he was acting in self-defense - but it's an argument the Coleman family simply isn't buying.

"You weren't trying to do anything other than trying to kill him," Rodney Coleman, the victim's father, says. "You are a coward."

"I'm going to do everything in my soul to make sure he gets prosecuted," said the victim's mother, Carla Coleman.

These two parents are going through the unimaginable, talking about the shooting death of their 26-year-old son Carlton Coleman. Carlton was a dad to four children. His oldest is 8 years old, and his youngest is 2.

"We raised a good child," Carla says. "I haven't heard anything bad concerning him. He never had any trouble in school; he graduated. We never had any issues."

On Friday, the Coleman family says Carlton drove his girlfriend and her two kids to the Oxford Square Apartments to visit their father, her ex. What happened next, though, is still unclear to police.

"The father came down the stairs and was like, 'Why are the kids smelling like marijuana?'" Carla says. Witnesses told her the smell of weed around his kids is what set him off.

"He busts past all of them with the gun. They kept saying, don't go out there bothering that man, but he bust past them and started shooting," Carla says.

Coleman, a licensed CPL holder, fired as well. Police are still working to determine who fired first. In the end, Coleman died as a result of injuries. The unnamed shooter was hit in the arm and is said to be recovering.

FOX 2 stopped by the apartment complex trying to speak with the another person involved, but we were unable to locate him because he has not been charged. Police are not saying who is he at this time.

They continue to investigate.