Fatal shooting kills 35-year-old father, leaves behind 2-year-old daughter

Early Tuesday morning gunshots rattled a neighborhood on Detroit's east side. 

Police arrived at Lakepointe and Berkshire to find 35-year-old Keyon Cohen shot to death in the street.

Initially the sound of gunfire in the early hours of Tuesday morning did not alarm Keyon's mother Lica Grant. 

"In our neighborhood it's kind of common, so we thought nothing of it," she said.

But when she saw police rope off an area in her neighborhood, and she knew her son, Keyon Cohen was not home she became concerned.

"I started calling and when the detective answered I knew it was him," she said.

The family says Keyon arrived home around 3 a.m. Tuesday after watching the NBA Finals game and the next time they saw him, his body was underneath a tree.

His mother says Keyon was a party promoter who worked hard and loved his 2-year-old girl, Riley.

Grant says she has no idea why anyone would take her son's life.

"It's puzzling," she said. "Keyon did not have many (enemies) so we're not sure but we are certain that the person or persons will be caught."

Investigators say they are looking for an unknown suspect who got away in a white Ford Fusion and they want anyone who has information to contact them immediately.

Keyon's grandmother, Estelle Cohen, wishes she could see her grandson once more.

"I love you Keyon," she said. "You were a great grandson and I'll always love you."

She can't help but think about all the things Keyon will never have a chance to do.

"He'll never get a chance to take Riley back to the park, see her celebrate her birthday or take her to the first day of school," she said.

Estelle Cohen hopes this senseless shooting that cut her grandson's life short will teach others to promote peace and not violence.

"I pray that we will begin to come back to the foundation of teaching," she said. "That you should do unto others as we will have them do unto us."