Father and adult daughter found dead in Pontiac home

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A father and his daughter are found dead inside their Pontiac home. Right now it's a mystery that investigators are working around the clock to solve.

A man in his 50s who neighbors knew as Walt was found dead in his basement at about noon Wednesday. The man's daughter in her 30s was also found dead in another location in the home on Central Ave near Woodward and South Blvd in Pontiac.

The father's body was surrounded by blood, his daughter's body was found beside needles and narcotics including what appeared to police to be heroin. The daughter's mother -  the man's wife was also home, alive but in very poor health from a pre-existing condition.

The wife was taken for medical assistance but was not arrested and for now is not considered a suspect. 

Among the items of evidence taken from the property, this dark gray Chevy Trailblazer. It was parked in the back yard. A flat bed towed the SUV in as evidence. It's not clear who owns the SUV. 

"He was a good neighbor," said neighbor Jim Austin, who said he did not hear anything out of the ordinary next door. 

Investigators don't know what happened yet, but are investigating possible scenarios like if it was a murder-suicide, or if the father murdered followed by a drug overdose.

The mother was in poor health and would not have been able to walk to the basement, Austin said. 

"She wouldn't have been able to go to the basement and do anything," Austin said.

Investigators do not believe anyone from outside the home was involved. Autopsies will be performed on both people which should reveal what happened.

Austin said that the man's daughter was on drugs and "was out there."

He said he misses his neighbor and friend, adding he felt for his neighbor's wife.

"I feel bad for her," Austin said. "Because I know she couldn't have done this.

"I never heard a shot or anything."