Father, teen sons attack Shelby Township police investigating reports they shot airsoft rifles at cars

An assault on two officers in Shelby Township over the weekend left one with a concussion and the other with a broken cheekbone has led to the arrest and charges against four people, including two teenage brothers.

Sam Kassab and his two teenage sons are facing three felonies after police said they violently jumped two officers who were investigating reports of occupants firing an airsoft rifle from a black SUV.

A Shelby Township police sergeant worries what the suspects would have done if someone not part of law enforcement had upset them.

"One could only imagine if a regular citizen comes up to them and rubs them the wrong way," said Sgt. Mark Benedettini. 

Before the wild scene unfolded, it started with several 911 calls reporting someone was shooting out of a black Escalade Saturday evening near 22 Mile Road and Ryan. After one caller got the plate of the suspect SUV, it traced back to the home of 55-year-old Kassab in a nearby neighborhood.

"At that point things just went south," said Benedettini.

Kassab allegedly grew upset by the investigation after officers said they wanted to tow the Escalade, so they could get a search warrant. Police said he shoved an officer, who then tried to wrangle him into custody.

When he resisted, his wife then "went in the house and summoned some more people to come outside."

"At that point the sergeant and the officer were blindsided and viciously attacked," said Benedettini. "One of the officers actually thought he was shot when this happened because it came out of nowhere."

The people that showed up were the family's the family's 15 and 16-year-old sons, who kneed and punched the officers in the face. The family's cousin Troy also partook in the assault. 

Sam Kassab, 55, of Shelby Township

Kassab and his two teenage sons have been charged with three felonies each while their cousin was charged with a misdemeanor. Kassab was arraigned on Sept. 11 and was given a $100,000 cash bond.

"I think what’s even more appalling is that the bond that individuals received, the two juveniles ended up bonding on $50 bond - it was $500/10%," said Benedettini.

One of the officers will likely need surgery for their injuries. Police confirmed body cameras were running during the assault.

FOX 2 did not hear back from Kassab's attorney after requesting a comment. The teen brothers were outside at the time FOX 2 was driving by, only shouting an expletive.