'Felony Lane Gang' targets cars with items left inside

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They are called the "Felony Lane Gang" and they target cars parked at daycare centers, malls and other public locations. Farmington Hills police believe they have struck again.

Cars broken into, and the crooks swipe purses left on the seat which helped create an organized national crime ring.

"They break into cars, smash in windows, take women's purses," said Det. Scott Rzeppa, Farmington Hills police.

The name of this group: The Felony Lane Gang.

"They are a group that comes up from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida," Rzeppa said. "They've been doing this for a few years now. They have come up and hit a lot of states throughout the country."

But it's not just taking purses that becomes a problem.

"Then they commit credit card fraud," Rzeppa said.

Assist. Police Chief Matt Koehn said that the gang isn't the only concern, and that local teens could also be attracted by residents leaving valuables in their vehicles.

And why are they called the felony Lane Gang?

"Because they use the farthest lane of the banks, which in the banking community is called the 'felony lane.'

The cops believe the Felony Lane Gang struck last month at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills. The cops have a description of a black male, wearing a redshirt and driving a maroon Jeep, with no registration on the vehicle.

If you see any kind of suspicious behavior around cars, Farmington police say to call them.