Ferndale Cat Shelter looking for homes for dozens of pets rescued from home

The Ferndale Cat Shelter is caring for 45 cats after the animals were removed from a home Tuesday.

"In spite of smell, conditions, I thought they would all have her upper respiratory infections, you know. Boogers, you know, and eye goop, and stuff, but they’re pretty well cared for except that they’re really matted," said Deanne Iovan, with the shelter. "They’re just chill, they’re not truly feral cats, they’re under-socialized, so they just need some love."

A man who owned the 18 kittens and 27 adult cats contacted the shelter for help. The animals were living on the second floor of his bungalow. 

"What I want to stress is that, I want people who get themselves in these situations to feel comfortable coming forward like this gentleman did," Iovan said. "There’s an enormous amount of shame when it comes to hoarding, and I just want him to feel like I’m here to help him and to help these cats."

Iovan said she is optimistic about the cats' health.

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