Ferndale church seeks help finding permanent home

It's Holy Week, and as most churches across Metro Detroit prepare to mark Easter Sunday, one Ferndale church is looking for a new home.

"It's been devastating because the church was just beautiful," said Dr. Janice Holmes, co-pastor of El-Shaddai Missionary Baptist Church.

Holmes said problems inside El-Shaddai Missionary Baptist Church started nearly 10 years ago

"We started off having leaks from the roof," she said.

Contractors were hired to fix the leaks but church leaders said they did a poor job and the leaks continued. In summer 2014, much of Metro Detroit was confronted with flooding sparked by torrential rains.

"(It) further created damage to our building, creating mold. We cannot use the building," Holmes said.

Church leaders said they are grateful to use temporary churches but without a permanent home, it's difficult for members to be active in various ministries and the congregation has reduced in size.

"Going from church to church to have services -- people wanted to have church of their own, so they decided to go to other churches," Holmes said.

Church leaders are organizing fundraisers to help get a new church, but said it takes thousands of dollars to buy one and they are hoping to get more public support for their mission.

"I just prayerfully believe that people will share finances, or whatever they can. Even if someone has a church and they want to donate it to us, we'll take it," Holmes said.

Information to help the church can be found here, and the church's GoFundMe account can be found here.