Ferndale Police partner with LYFT for discounted rides home for St. Patrick's Day

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Don't drink and drive, it's that simple, and Ferndale Police are trying to make it even easier. They've partnered with the ride share program LYFT to pass out $15 coupons to make sure you get home safe. 

Another St. Patrick's Day almost in the books!

You don't have to look far to see the effects of that green beer and whiskey. 

“It is an occasion for people that may not be experienced in the alcohol arts,” Sgt. Baron Brown said with Ferndale Police. 

And that can mean thinking you're alright to drive. 

“It's like that superman feeling,” Brown said.  

Sgt. Baron Brown can tell you first hand drunk drivers aren't anything close to superheroes that's why this weekend they're partnering with the ride sharing app LYFT.

“It's very simple you see an officer and we've kind of preplaced these it's a 15 dollar coupon and you just put in the code,” he said. 

They've scattered the lucky tickets at bars in Ferndale, the Oakland County Sheriff doing the same at bars across the county. 

Part of this intuitive is another LYFT promo code for Metro Detroiters Sunday; use PROHIBITIONDTW for 50-percent off your ride up to 8-dollars. 

“With all the options out there no reason you should be getting in a car after drinking,” he said. 

Don't forget most police departments have extra patrols out there so asking for a ride can keep you out of jail too. 

“We don't want to lock people up we don't want people in our jail it's not a place to be we know that,” he said.

Round out St. Paddy's Day this year with a safe trip home.

“I'm guessing that most people have friends or relatives that would rather travel and come get them then identify their body in the morgue or at the hospital,” Brown said.