Ferndale's Honey for Moms provides workspace and childcare

New parents face a lot of pressure - from recovering from childbirth, to taking care of the baby and getting back to work, there's a lot to juggle. And now, there's the baby formula shortage, but one local organization is helping make the adjustment a little easier.

"During Covid, juggling the kids when we were trying to work - was a disaster," said Breanne Armstrong.

Armstrong, a mother of three, brings her 8-month-old to work with her and she’s able to do that in a really unique way. 

"Now that it’s available, I would have loved to have done this with all my kids, to be honest," she said. "Having your baby be able to be close to you, it’s amazing - if they’re having a hard time feeding her - they can bring her out to me."

She’s talking about Honey for Mom’s in Ferndale. Where she and other moms can work with their child just feet away from her and being cared for. 

"Obviously our maternity leave in the United States isn’t always the best - having this option makes the transition easier," said Armstrong.

"The concept here is we’re integrating your motherhood into your worklife and seeing both of them as a benefit to one another," said Brooke Miller.

Miller is the founder and CEO of Honey for Moms , besides what they’ve dubbed a "momist workspace," called The Space Between - they also have other resources like a social lounge where mothers can network, they’ve got support groups, and a mental health studio. 

"Isolation is really the fuel of post-partum depression, post-partum anxiety, mental health issues in general," Miller said. "So we’re coming off a period of isolation more than ever before - and we’re really inviting moms to be together, connect and support one another."

"The past couple years there’s been a big shift in the needs and the concerns of moms especially," said Dr. Amanda Gurny, clinical director. "The lack of support in child care, the formula crisis, it’s putting a lot of pressure on the system - and it's falling on the backs of moms, alot of the time. We’re wanting to increase that support, to give moms a place to go and people to talk to, resources to get through these stressful times."

Their model of parenting and work - is highlighting what’s possible in a modern world.