Fiat-Chrysler UAW employees will receive $8,010 check in profit sharing

Fiat-Chrysler's parent company Stellantis announced thousands of dollars in profit sharing will be dolled out to union auto workers after the company's performance last year.

FCA employees will receive their profit-sharing check on March 15.

UAW-represented employees will be paid a bonus of $8,010 after FCA posted $29 million in net profit in 2020.

However, the money that gets paid out is more likely to reflect the number of compensated hours that employees worked. 

The profit-sharing agreement was part of the 2019 collective bargaining agreement struck between FCA and the UAW before the automaker merged with Stellantis - now the world's fourth-biggest car manufacturer by volume.

Last year, employees received $7,280.

The payments should arrive on March 15.